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Best E-Cigarette News and Advise

How to Pick the Best E-Cigarette Starter Kit

by Steve Barnes on 01/22/13

One question a lot of our customers ask is “which starter kit should I choose?” It’s a big decision, particularly if you’ve never smoked electronic cigarettes before. What’s a cartomizer? How many batteries do I need? What are the most important accessories?

I’m going to run you through a few things that will help you determine which kit you need and then the breakdown for each kit so that you can find the perfect one for you.

Start Here: How Much Do You Smoke Normally?

As a general rule, the most important thing to help you decide the best kit for you is how much you smoke each day. This drives the need for batteries and the number of batteries in each starter kit can be different. Some kits only have one battery, which should be more than enough to get you through your day. At the end of each day, simply put the battery in the charger and you’ll wake up to a freshly charged battery the following morning. All lithium ion batteries lose some of their charge over time, so keep that in mind when choosing your battery. The main advantage of the bigger battery is that it has the power to get you through pretty much your entire day on one charge. The smaller batteries don’t last as long but give you more of that classic cigarette feeling.

V electronic cigarettes provide one of the highest quality smoking experiences in the industry. Our e-liquid and cartomizers are unmatched, rich flavor, and our long lasting batteries have few, if any competitors that can stand up to the test. But the batteries and cartomizers in the basic kit are the same as in all of the other kits, and they give just as good of a smoking experience.

Set yourself free to enjoy world-class V electronic cigarettes. With the smaller battery you’ll still be able to enjoy rich flavor and you’ll just have to be more aware of how much your battery is charged. As a backup, all of V’s starter kits come with a USB cigarette, in case you do find yourself with a drained battery. Even with the basic kit you can still smoke, as long as you’re near your computer to power it.

What’s the USB E-Cig?

The USB cigarette is included in all of V Smoke’s kits. This device is not a battery. Instead you plug the wire into the USB port of your computer to draw power. It’s a great thing to have if your batteries are drained and need to be charged. Simply plug it into the computer to keep on enjoying you e-cigarette at will.

What’s Your Routine?

When and where you smoke is also a consideration when choosing an electronic cigarette kit. If you travel a lot by public transportation than you want to make sure you have plenty of extra charged batteries.

If you’re in the car a lot, then you can get one of our kits that have cig-lighter charger.

If you spend a lot of time indoors, but not near a computer, then you can use standard wall charger.

If you spend most of the day by your computer then you can simply use the USB charger.

Regardless of your routine, you need to ensure that you’re going to be able to keep your e-cig batteries charged.